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Do you need a trade show booth that stands out above the rest? Do you want your trade show display to be remembered as that booth that nobody forgets? That is the name of the game in the trade show business and Expo Design Pro is the ultimate source for your next trade show experience. 

At Expo Design Pro we build award winning trade show booths with originality and quality as well as safety being top priorities. The idea is to step out of the box when putting booth themes together. A trade show usually last from two to three days, that is a very short time to make sure that you have the edge to stay in the memory of an attendee's mind, much less their vendor list. Our goal is to build trade show booths that people just don't forget and make them look forward to seeing our clients next year.

If you would like to see how we can help you with your next trade show, give us a call at 281.337.7655